» Regular Office Cleaning «

The following will be done in a Regular Office Clean.

Look to us for your office cleaning on a regular basis.

    • Wipe all furniture, phones, bottom legs of office chairs
    • Dust all window sills
    • Vacuum carpets and check for cob webs
    • Dust over hanging pictures
    • Empty all bins
    • Wipe dirty marks off doors and around light switches

    • Clean toilet and wipe around the outside of the bowl, S-bend and tap
    • Wash vanity, around taps and wipe over the front of vanity
    • Clean mirror

    • Wipe over the fronts of all the kitchen cupboards
    • Wipe over benches
    • Wipe microwave and fridge
    • Scrub kitchen sink

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wash all floors

We supply all cleaning products and equipment which are environmentally friendly and of a high standard.

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